Good Luck Bradshaw Henderson!

Posted: 04/07/2012

The 3rd July 2012 marked a significant step in the developement of the property professionals David Bradshaw and Richard Hendersons ambitious business plan.

Two and a half years ago they opened their first sales office in in Heswall. In a very short time they established a reputation as the premier Estate Agency on the Wirral if not in the North West. 

The Pali team were invited to attend the opening of their second branch office in West Kirby. There were canapies, wine and celebrities aplenty. Incuding Ant and Dec (that's Ant Bradshaw and Declan Henderson).

The new office is very smart, modern and well positioned in the business heart of Banks Road. All the staff at Pali wish the best of luck to the new office although we are confident they will not need luck.

Nick Small Snr
Pali Ltd

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