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Posted: 08/09/2011

Great news! As from 1 September 2011 Groundsure are introducing a number of innovations with their reports. This means a lot of their products will contain even more information. Please see below for a more detailed analysis on each product and the new information the reports will contain. Due to these new innovations there will be a slight price increase which will take effect from 1st September 2011. 

Residential report update

GroundSure  Homebuyers

This report is unique in providing informative insight on three distinct areas: contaminated land, flood risk and ground stability. It is in effect three reports in one. A notable improvement that you will see in the course of the next few weeks will be the inclusion of surface water (pluvial) flood risk data.

GroundSure Homescreen

We developed GroundSure Homescreen to provide conveyancers with access to the most cost effective residential environmental search in the market. GroundSure Homescreen is not just an environmental search. It contains the same ground stability data as the GroundSure Homebuyers, however, rather than including flood risk data it simply identifies if a property maybe in proximity to an area affected by flooding and therefore advises if a separate flood risk search is required. We are shortly introducing enhanced ground stability data to this product from the British Geological Survey.

GroundSure Flood

The GroundSure Flood Report is our dedicated, standalone residential flood risk search. It includes a comprehensive range of flood risk data covering river, tidal, groundwater and surface water (pluvial) flood risk. We are currently enhancing this product with the very latest surface water (pluvial) data available in the market. Of course if you purchase a GroundSure Homebuyers report you do not need a GroundSure Flood report as all of the data is contained in that report anyway

What GroundSure say:

At GroundSure we are proud of our heritage as the leading innovator in the environmental search report market. Our objective is to push industry standards upwards and provide superior products backed with superior service. Our ability to combine environmental data and consultancy expertise into a single operating business, provides our clients with better terms of recourse and an enhanced level of service and support.

Over the course of the last few years our innovations have lead to a number of notable milestones. You will be aware for instance, that we are the only provider of truly combined environmental and flood risk searches, providing higher quality products in a more cost effective and convenient format.

We were the first to introduce detailed hydrogeological mapping in commercial reports. GroundSure was the first to provide explicit comment on the suitability of a property as banking security from an environmental risk perspective – an innovation based on our close links with the banking sector.

GroundSure is also the owner of the most advanced Historical Land Use Database in Great Britain. This data is a fundamental component in any residential environmental search. Better data means greater accuracy and specifically less “false positive” results requiring time consuming further consideration.

Aside from our regular data updates we are constantly reviewing available data to ensure that our search reports contain the very best detail and information. This is essential in assisting and informing on the level of environmental risk that may be associated with a particular property transaction.

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