Has Wirral taken a step into the future?

Posted: 01/08/2014

Around 124 charging stations are going to be constructed around Merseyside to enable electric powered cars to be charged once they have been parked. The first of these power stations will be located at the Seacombe Ferry terminal.

These charging stations will become familiar at many sites across the entire region which will include railway park and ride sites that are used frequently.

This project is being funded by the Government to hopefully reduce carbon emissions that are emitted by petrol and deasil cars. If this project works out it is also a great way to promote a cheaper and low emission way of everyday transportation.

With this eco-friendly system starting to take shape, it is anticipated that it may encourage other people to purchase an electric car in the future. The aim is also to enhance connectivity in the vicinity which may result in a firmer connection with regards to private travel with public transport and a more varied use of maintainable travel options.

Chair of Merseytravel, Councillor Liam Robinson Stated; 
“The uptake of electric vehicles by both people and businesses is set to increase in the coming years and this project may help to speed up that process, with all of the associated advantages it will bring for the environment and our economy."

Would you look at purchasing an electric car?

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd


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