Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live underground?

Posted: 17/03/2015

Could you ever begin to imagine what it would be like to live in a home below surface level showing only the front fascia?

Well, located in Prince Georges County, Maryland is a two story home which has been built on a subterranean level which was constructed during 2006. The dwelling has a square foot measurement of 3,300, most of which is completely covered by earth, around 25 feet of it!

The home possesses a modern colonial-style red brick facade complete with white columns giving the small veranda support. It also has two bathrooms and three bedrooms. The listing for this property which is now for sale jokingly states that the house would be super beneficial in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

This property which has only recently become available upon the property market has created many waves throughout the media as it is an unusual design. At a first look the property seems like an everyday two story colonial style house however, those of whom are lucky enough to see it in person are left astonished at its unique and carefully thought through design.

As well as being exceptionally eco-friendly, this home pulls out all the stops having been careful designed, it features its own natural insulation leaving potential owners paying around $150 per month in order to cover the cost of utility bills. This information comes courtesy of the real estate listing.

This home measures 3,300 square feet and is placed upon 1.3 acres of land. It had been designed and built courtesy of an architectural firm called Formworks Buildings who specialise distinctively in the production of earth sheltered green homes.

The home has everything found in a normal everyday house such as three bedrooms, a detached garage with room for at least two cars, two full sized bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen and fireplace, not to mention a separate dining room.

Would you live in a property that was covered under a mound of earth?

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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