Have you registered your septic tank?

Posted: 16/08/2011

If your home has a septic tank or a package sewage treatment plant, then you need to register the system with the Environment Agency or have an environmental permit. If properly managed, most of these systems do not cause problems, but if they are poorly designed, installed or managed, the discharge from them can damage the environment. Domestic wastewater can contain substances that are potentially harmful to human health and the environment. 

The Environment Agency need to know where all the systems are, so they can focus their work where they are contributing to environmental problems. It is very important that septic tanks and other small private sewage treatment systems are kept in good order by their owners.

The effect on the conveyancing process

Whilst the ability to register septic tanks has existed since April 2010 the deadline for compulsory registrations of tank at the 31st December 2011 is fast approaching.  If you are a conveyancer particularly in a rural area are you taking this into account with your conveyancing risk management procedures now? Registration can take 15 working days and could substantially delay a sale if discovered at a late stage in a transaction.

Conveyancers acting for purchasers should consider asking sellers to register tanks now prior to exchange to protect their clients.



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