Housing complex plans for Hoylake revised

Posted: 09/03/2012

There have been objections over the Wirral Partnership Homes’ plan for a new housing complex in Hoylake as it’s been deemed too tall. Campaigners raised issues for the initial proposal of a four story high block of 32 flats to be built at Hoose Court in Market Street, as the structure would be out of character to the other buildings in the area. There was also concern that the new flats would cause an intolerable increase in traffic through the area of Hoylake.

Protesters demanded at least 2 meters taken off the top of the construction which would mean the top floor flat would have to be converted into the roof area. These plans were discussed with councillors, local residents and Wirral Partnership Homes agreed to the new proposal but the plans will have to be reviewed by the Wirral’s planning committee before the constriction begins.

The flats will be available to let by all age groups and this scheme is called a ‘local lettings policy’ which is aimed to encourage a variety of age groups to the area of Hoylake.

The leader of the campaign is the councillor of Hoylake, John Hale and he told the Wirral Globe that; ‘There was considerable opposition to the original plan and Wirral Partnership Homes have addressed these issues, so our campaign has been worth while.’

The flats will be situated where a block of apartments were built in the 1970s but were demolished last year due to the opinion of the housing association that the building was, ‘not up to standard’ as the residents of the front block had to share mixed sex toilets and bathroom facilities. The second part of the Hoosen Court building will remain and be integrated with the new build.

Assistant director of Wirral Partnership Homes, Steve Eaves spoke to the Wirral Globe and said, ‘This is a fantastic scheme for the area where there’s very little affordable housing and we are really proud to be able to build such high quality apartments.’

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd


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