Housing targets set to be exceeded in Liverpool

Posted: 30/08/2012

Mayor Joe Anderson set a target of 5,200 houses to be built and 1,100 houses refurbished within the next four years in Liverpool however, according to a report this number is set to be exceeded.

The cabinet report revealed that the work on housing in Liverpool is gathering pace on a variety of projects as part of the £130 million city housing delivery plan. One of the larger schemes has been named ‘Anfield Village’ which is set to cost £25 million where 374 homes in the area will be refurbished instead of demolished.

The south of Liverpool also has another £25 million project where 50 new homes will be built and 149 properties will be refurbished in the Granby Four Streets area, Arnside Road and Webster Triangle within the next three years.

The latest project involves the Welsh Street area of Liverpool where Ringo Starr’s childhood home is located. A total of 280 properties in the area including Kelvin Grove and Madryn will be refurbished and further 150 new affordable homes will be built. Most of the properties in this area were condemned to demolition before the £15 million funding became available. You can read more about this story on Pali’s previous blog HERE.

Around 1,150 new homes are set to be built over the next 10 years in the Boot Estate as part of a larger range of redevelopment plans by Liverpool City Council’s Asset Backed partnership with Sigma Inpartnership. The scheme is called Regeneration Liverpool and a total of five estates will be developed. All of the above projects have been achieved thanks to the securing of Government funding when Liverpool was awarded £9.3 million in ‘Transition Funding’ at the end of 2011. The ‘Clusters of Empty Homes Funding’ was also secured in May 2012 which offered £16.5 million to bring more than 750 empty homes back to use right across the Liverpool Region.

More proposals are under the consultation process including the transformation of former school sites into a potential 900 residential homes as part of the Schools Investment Plan. Everton Park is another site that could deliver a further 1,900 homes under a comprehensive regeneration programme and Liverpool City Council are set to invest £255,000 for 260 Extra Care Housing Units which will provide 24 hour assistance, care and support for residents.

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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