How to make the best of a haunted property on Airbnb

Posted: 26/10/2015

Renting a property on Airbnb can be challenging for many reasons. How do you make your property stand out? What makes your property more exciting? What do you do about all the ghosts? Well for many Airbnb hosts, the solution is to make your paranormal visitors part of the appeal!

Airbnb has allowed people to stay in spooky accommodation such as the Paris Catacombs, a jail house in Montana and a haunted Bed and Breakfast- the Haunted Castle House in Brumley – with over a century of paranormal activity.

There’s no doubt that adding a supernatural house guest to the description on the listings adds tenfold to the amount of intrigue. One reviewer of the Haunted Chamber Apartment in York claims that although she “didn’t sleep well (hearing all kinds of bumps in the night) she “loved it”.

Although, it is hard to determine whether a property in definitely haunted. Many owners of property listed as haunted on Airbnb employ psychics and mediums to visit their homes for added confirmation. Nick, the owner of the Haunted Castle House in Brumley, claims that psychics and mediums also feel the presence of other worldly beings at his property stating that, “One psychic did tell us that an old woman in a black dress follows our tour groups from room to room. She supposedly stands in a corner shaking her head is a disapproving manner”. However it is not just psychics and mediums that tell stories about hauntings, one guest wgo stayed at a haunted mansion in Colorado said that she “did not sleep at all” her first night “due to a ghostly visitor that would pass by”.

In fact it appears that if guests don’t experience a ghost they feel a sense of disappointment and adding the word 'haunted' to a listing could really increase its popularity and boost customers.  Airbnb make it simple to attracts the types of potential visitors who want a ghostly experience, making the ghost the asset! 

Aislinn Devlin, Pali Ltd

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