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Posted: 07/03/2012

Jo Milne, Marketing Director of Pali Ltd, a national conveyancing search specialist company, interviews David Bradshaw, Director and co-founder of Bradshaw Henderson Estates, a successful Estate Agents based in Heswall, Cheshire.

I am always on the look out for interesting material to blog about so I thought what better way to write a blog on the current property market than to interview one of our very own successful Estate Agent clients. Firstly I’d like to give you a bit of background on our firm and explain how we got to have Estate Agents as clients today.

We at Pali specialise in conveyancing searches and have done so since 1999. Our clients were solely solicitors to begin with, however in 2007 the conveyancing world was shaken up when the government brought in Home Information Packs (HIPs). This meant we now started acting on behalf of the seller as well as the buyer in the conveyancing process. It also meant a new breed of clients were introduced to the Pali team, known as Estate Agents. As we had already been providing the majority of the information contained in the HIPs we embraced the new seller’s pack and gladly welcomed our new Estate Agent clients on board. As we have always believed in offering our clients as much as possible thus acting as a ‘one stop shop’ we decided to train our newly qualified Domestic Energy Assessors* in virtual tour photography (moving photographs) and floor plans so our Estate Agent clients had the option of benefiting from more than just the required Home Information Pack.

One of our clients who recognised the potential in virtual tours was Bradshaw Henderson Estates. Bradshaw Henderson were the new kid on the block in Estate Agency however quickly proved a force to be reckoned with, immediately building up a reputable and first-class reputation, investing money in impressive branding and marketing campaigns, coupled with sophisticated technology both staff and clients would benefit from and later becoming ‘The Agent of Choice’ in the local area.

We supplied Bradshaw Henderson Estates with Home Information Packs for a brief spell before they were dramatically suspended in May 2010, however they have remained a loyal and valued client of ours ever since, with us supplying their clients with top of the range virtual tours, floor plans and Energy Performance Certificates.

The Energy Performance Certificates were originally part of the Home Information Pack however they still remain an important, legal requirement for the sale of properties.

 *DEA – A person who carries out an Energy Performance Certificate.

I recently conducted a short interview with David Bradshaw of Bradshaw Henderson Estates to find out what his thoughts are of the current climate, how he predicts the market will pan out and to see if he had any advice for first time buyers struggling to get on the property ladder.

Hi David, thank you for meeting with me today. When did you first open the doors to Bradshaw Henderson Estates?

Hi Jo, no problem, it’s always a pleasure dealing with Pali. We first opened Bradshaw Henderson Estates April 14th 2010. We have since opened our second office which specialises in Lettings and that was opened in September 2011.

In that time how have you found the market to be?

Price sensitive but workable

What are your thoughts on the current climate?

Well Jo it’s increasingly tough with a “Mexican Stand off” between some Buyers and Sellers

Are you selling many houses at the moment?

Yes plenty!

Many people have reported an up turn in the market recently, would you agree?                                            

Some Media say up some Media say down, its business as usual in Heswall

How do you predict the market will go in the coming year?

More of the same

How does Bradshaw Henderson Estates differ from other Estate Agents?                                                                            

The owners of the business actually practise Estate Agency and this will never change.

You deal mainly with higher end properties; was this what you set out to do from the get go?                                       

There is a perception that we only sell upmarket property however we can sell anything providing the price is correct.

What do you think are the main causes of sales/ purchases falling through?

Mortgages, Mortgages, Mortgages. The banks must start lending!

Do you think the whole process could be improved in any way by any of the professional parties involved; Estate Agents/ solicitors/ mortgage provider etc?                                                                                                   

We are lucky to have a fantastic team of professionals who support us

What advice would you give to first time buyers who are eager to get on the property ladder?                                   

Start saving a deposit!


Jo Milne, Pali Ltd                                                                                                                                                          

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