Is Britain running out of time?

Posted: 23/05/2014

Officials have declared that Britain may run out of resources such as coal, oil and gas within the next five years and have come to the decision that Europe on a whole should drive forward the idea of there being more renewable energy sources such as wind, tidal and solar. This statement has been made courtesy of Professor Victor Anderson. In objection to this, Roger Harrabin, a BBC environment analyst stated that the Government insist the whole idea of energy independence within the area is highly unnecessary.

Based upon present consumption, Russia is said to have more than enough supplies to cover the coming years, this includes 50 years of oil, just over 100 years’ worth of gas and an extortionate 500 years’ worth of coal. Russia’s current status is more than good enough whereas in comparison, Britain only hold 4.5 years’ worth of coal, 5.2 years of oil and a mere 3 years of self-supplied gas.

However, France should fear the worst as official figures have recorded that the country may become completely dry of all three fossil fuels sooner than Britain. Director of the institute, Dr Aled Jones who is based at Anglia Ruskin University stated that numerous “heavily indebted” countries are becoming increasingly exposed to possible rising energy fees in all sectors. He also added;
“The EU is becoming ever more reliant on our resource-rich neighbours such as Russia and Norway, and this trend will only continue unless decisive action is taken”.
Furthermore, Professor Anderson stated;
“Coal, oil and gas resources in Europe are running down and we need alternatives. The UK urgently needs to be part of a Europe-wide drive to expand renewable energy sources such as wave, wind, tidal, and solar power."

Research councils fellow in the UK, Jim Skea told the BBC News;
"This sounds very unlikely. What's more, it's irrelevant - the UK has a stable supply of imported energy, even if it is a good idea to increase our own supplies."
The Government proceeded to announce that they will be withdrawing subsidisations that had originally been put in place for solar energy projects of a larger scale meanwhile, Conservatives have made it clear that there will no longer be any more financial support towards the construction of offshore wind farms if they happen to win the election.

Roger Harrabin, a BBC environmental analyst stated that various officials are hoping that large amounts of shale gas are produced through the process known as fracking in the hope that it will help and possibly make a difference to the countries energy crisis.

A spokesperson from the Department of Energy & Climate Change openly said that the report was “nonsence”. She also went on to add the following;
“The UK is one of the most energy secure countries in the world thanks to the combination of our own reserves, our diverse sources of imported energy and our focus on increasing clean, homegrown energy in the UK - which includes nuclear, renewables and carbon capture and storage.

They continued;
"As well as attracting record investment into our energy security since 2010, the UK is leading globally on energy security, particularly through the G7 which has agreed to take global action to improve energy security, and in getting a deal in the EU to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030."

Do you think Britain should become independent where the production of energy is concerned?

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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