Is the HS2 really necessary?

Posted: 30/03/2012

The question has derived from engineers that believe that the HS1 (High Speed 1) wasn’t considered enough being it was given the go ahead and they do not want the same mistake to be made with the HS2 (High Speed 2)

The HS1 connects London to the Channel Tunnel but a report from the National Audit Office said that the passenger numbers are falling short of forecasts. The cost of the HS1 was £6.16 billion which has met its aim to cut the journey time but the passenger numbers between 2007 and 2011 were only two thirds of the levels forecast.

This is what has caused the concern over the HS2. The evidence will be given to HS2 Ltd, the company set up by the Government to over see the new railway project, at the end of the month by the Transport Secretary, Ms Greening. She will also reveal the sites that the Government plan to build the stations and tracks for the HS2.

The report will ask the question if the HS2 has a business case that stands up to analysis and it will also point out flaws found in the plans including several assumptions made in crucial areas that will cause serious questions.

If you would like to find out more information on the HS2 you can read our previous blog HERE
You can also read Ms Greening's statement on the HS2 HERE

Do you think the HS2 is going to be a flop like the HS1?


Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd
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