Its all about trust as the Chancellor makes cuts to the Red Tape

Posted: 26/03/2012

From the 27th March, the latest version of the National Planning Policy Framework will be published and effective according to the Chancellor George Osborne. The new plans are aimed to reduce the Red Tape for UK businesses, making building easier with fewer inspections and less regulations. This is aimed to promote investors to build on land in the most deprived communities in Britain instead of moving their plans to places like Germany or the Netherlands, where obtaining planning permission is easier.

A streamline guide on complying with the European Union’s Habitats Directive have also been promised as the Chancellor spoke about how the new regulatory model was much needed as the old model was established in Victorian times. This old model meant that all firms had to be inspected on the same level and had the same amount of forms had to be filled in which was time consuming and sometimes unnecessary. Now, under the new regulations, the Government is hoping that businesses will act responsibly so a new ‘trust’ can be built.

More changes include capital allowances designated for sites in the London Royal Docks Enterprise Zone as well as Scotland and Deeside in North Wales. Defra with the Environment Agency will publish guidance this summer so applicants can understand the flexibilities and limitations for all businesses come the time for the transformation in April 2013. The Prime Minister David Cameron spoke about the changes, ‘The growth of our towns and cities has been held back by a planning system that has encouraged development of the wrong sort in the wrong places.’

Also on the schedule is new guidance that will be published on the ‘contaminated land regime’ next month and after that a simplified ‘natural environment and wildlife regulations’ but this will have to wait on the conclusions of the Law Commissions review which not due to be completed until February 2013.

What do you think of the ‘reduction of regulations’ and ‘clearer guidance’ coming into effect in the coming year? Will the changes be a huge benefit by attracting new investment or will it be a big mistake for the government to reduce regulations as it may lead to the ‘cutting of corners’ by businesses?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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