Landlord fined over filthy flat & DIY funds on offer from the Government

Posted: 23/05/2012

A tenant made complaints about his landlord to the local council because of the condition of the flat he rented.

When local housing officers visited the property, they were horrified to find mould, dirt and cockroaches crawling around the flat. There was a gaping hole in the staircase which went into the garage below that had had a less than successful repair carried out on it. They were also appalled when they entered the kitchen and found cupboard doors hanging off and exposed electrical wires emerging from the walls.

The tenant won the case against his lousy landlord which resulted in the landlord being fined £2,350 including court costs.

Are you unhappy with the rented accommodation you’re living in? If so, complain to your local housing officer and things could change for the better.

However, a new scheme for council housing has been proposed by the Government where cash will be given to tenants to make their own home improvements.

The project is called the Tenant Cashback scheme and has been launched by the housing minister Grant Shapps, who believes many tenants take pride in looking after their homes.

It is estimated that landlords spend around £4 billion a year on repairs and maintenance that involves tasks that could be carried out by the tenant, such as painting.

Nevertheless, the National Home Improvement Council explained that a job must be done property or serious consequences could be suffered later.

A trial project was set up which gave social tenants the chance to try out this scheme. It gave them greater control over repairs made to their homes and once a conclusion is reached, it may result in the scheme extending nationwide.

But if the idea of picking up a paint brush isn’t your cup of tea, there is no need to worry because a tenant will not be forced to take responsibility for repairs to their rented accommodation.

Would you be interested in carrying out improvements on your council house?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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