Landlords versus Pets - the battle continues

Posted: 04/05/2012

It has been a long battle between the two and it seems that the fight has got tougher as more home owners are being forced into rental accommodation due to the increasing rise in the price of living.

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks has sent a warning to landlords to either allow pets into their rented accommodation or be prepared for undeclared pets.

Many landlords simply won’t allow pets into their rented homes, which is fully understandable as even small animals such as rabbits can cause an enormous, not to mention expensive, damage to the property. Rabbits can chew through cables, furniture, door frames and scratch flooring. Cats are one of the worse offenders due to their tendency to tear and claw everything in site. Of course there is the obvious unwanted hair, smell and potential mites and however accidental, excrement that can spoil any property.

The AIIC have released a checklist for landlords to verify if their property could be hiding a hidden pet.

> Make regular visits to your property to check for any damage to the interior and exterior.

> Check carpets or sofas for signs of bird’s feathers or pets hair.

> Another sign that a pet is residing in the property can be stains hidden under mats or under tables.

> Study any carpets or furniture for scratches, thread pulls or claw marks

> Chewing on cables is a favourite for rabbits so keep an eye on them

> And on the outside of your property, check the lawn for any yellow or dieing patches where an animal could have urinated.

Many tenants will go to huge efforts to hide a pet from a landlord as they will be well aware they are in violation the T&C of their tenancy agreement.

Have you ever had a problem with a tenant who has tried to conceal a pet from you? How did you find out and how did you deal with the situation? What was the tenant’s reaction when they were challenged and did you come to an agreeable solution or did you decide to evict them?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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