Latest changes to the planning system

Posted: 05/07/2012

The Government’s latest changes to the planning system are aimed to simplify the process and have been welcomed by councils across the country.

Changes have been made to the planning policy on the re use of existing buildings. This change means it will become easier to use an existing building on a temporary basis which will cut the amount of paperwork needed, making the decision process more efficient. The latest changes will mean it will be easier to use existing retail, commercial and agricultural buildings without having to submit planning permission. This change supports small businesses and a policy will be published on the flexibility of how the buildings can be re used.

The added reduction in the amount of planning guidance ensures that all planning departments are fully resourced and can access applications with the greatest of easy. This will lift the burden on council tax payers.

The Government have already made changes to improve the planning system through the Localism Act and National Planning Policy Framework. The Government have cut 1,000 pages of policy into 50 with the next challenge of reviewing a massive 6,000 pages of supporting guidance. The aim of this is to speed up the planning appeals process. The latest changes will break down the barriers that are unnecessary, meaning the process becomes more efficient.

What do you make of the changes the Government have made to the planning system? Do you think that it will benefit the tax payer as promised?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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