Lesson to be learnt - London pub demolished without consent

Posted: 08/05/2015

A pub called the Carlton Tavern which is located in Westminster, London has been standing since the 1920’s and even survived the Blitz however, this is not the most interesting fact about this building. This pub has caused a rather unusual uproar because the status of the pub was being considered by the council and it was decided that it should have a listed status.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem but the developers, CLTX Ltd, who purchased this property had submitted an application to demolish the pub and rebuild 10 flats. The developers made a huge mistake and decided to go ahead with the demolition a little bit too early. The council asked for an assessment of the pub to be carried out by Historic England that that gave a 56 day grace period before any demolition could take place.

Westminster Council then decided 18 months after the building has been knocked down that it was part of the cities heritage and it must be rebuilt, brick by brick. This is the first time a local authority has ordered for the reconstruction of a whole building. The pub was originally rebuilt upon an earlier pub which was bombed by a German Zeppelin bomb on the 19th May 1918 and the style the currently demolished pub was rebuilt in a Vernacular Revival style by Frank J Potter.

The pub is now being considered to be included within the Maida Vale Conservation Area. The landlady of the pub told the BBC that she had no warning about the demolition of the pub before it happened and she was only asked to move her son’s car away from the building on the morning the demolition took place.

What do you think about the decision of the council?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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