Liverpool cries out to be connected to the HS2

Posted: 28/04/2015

Campaigners situated in Liverpool fear that city will be economically drained if the current proposal of the HS2 (High Speed Railway) goes ahead and does not include a link to the city on their route. The HS2 is a High speed Railway line set to be completed by 2033 which will run trains from London to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. The HS2 trains would reach speeds of up to 250 mph and the estimated cost of completing the line is £43 billion!

Numerous forces such as Business Leaders and academics are joining together to demand that Liverpool should be included within the plans of the HS2 because the project is of such a high profile they think it essential that Liverpool should have a designated platform. A campaigner in support the inclusion of the HS2 track coming to Liverpool stated that “20 miles more would be a no brainer” and another campaigner from the support group ‘20 Miles more’ said;

“What’s currently on offer is a slow strangulation. I always thought HS2 risked being something that just pulled jobs and talent to London. The current HS2 proposals will elevate all the cities we are competing against, while pushing Liverpool further backwards.”

People involved within the campaign say that a High Speed track extending 20 miles should be built starting from Warrington and ending up in Liverpool rather than it only coming as close as Crew.

The idea of extending the HS2 track to Liverpool would primarily add £1.5 billion onto the standing cost of the HS2 project but it could be as beneficial to Liverpool as to boost the economy by an estimated £8 billion over a 20 year period.

The organisation of campaigners have produced an astonishing 100 page document in support as to why there should be a connection for the HS2 into Liverpool, pushing the current length of the HS2 network from 330 miles to 340 miles. Other big names are guaranteed to sign the document of support include the founder of the store Home Bargains, Tom Morris, a Professor from Liverpool University, Tom Cannon and also the Earl of Derby.

Liverpool business leaders are said to be certain that the city’s existing train lines may progressively grind to a halt because of cargo freight trains which may have to compete against passenger trains for space upon the lines. So including Liverpool as a stop for the HS2 would not only benefit the city but it would also free up locomotive space.

When visiting Liverpool, Lord Deighton who is head of the Governments HS2 project growth taskforce was greeted by a group of anti-HS2 demonstrators, equipped with an inflatable white elephant containing an anti-HS2 logo.

The manager of the Stop HS2 Campaign believes that adding a line to Liverpool would not benefit the city and also states that providing Liverpool with a link will make Manchester accomplish additional dominancy within the North West’s economy. Philip Lund, situated in Mid Cheshire added to this point by stating that;

“It is a very poorly thought out infrastructure project”, he also added; “The route has been determined arbitrarily.”

Having said that he also continued to explain that the HS2 could initially land Liverpool with an economical increase of more than £100 million a year if it were to be connected onto the route as it may draw in more public etc. providing they are not drawn towards lower prices elsewhere, however on the downside it could potentially drain the city of £50 Billion a year.

Are you in favour of the HS2 or not and do you think an extension to the line will benefit the city?

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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