Liverpool docklands officially listed on UNESCOs in danger list

Posted: 27/06/2012

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The Liverpool dockland’s officially know as the Maritime Mercantile City was given World Heritage Status by UNESCO in 2004 because of its important role in the growth of the British Empire. Liverpool was a pioneer in the development of modern dock technology, transport systems and port management. The six areas in Liverpool bear witness to the development of one of the world’s major trading centres in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

However, this has been put in jeopardy due to Peel Holdings Liverpool Water redevelopment project, which would see £5.5 billion spent on building skyscrapers, hotels, restaurants and offices on Liverpool’s docklands. The World Heritage Committee made the decision to place Liverpool on the UNESCO ‘in danger’ list last night in St Petersburg, Russia.

Liverpool City Council granted Peel Holdings planning permission in March this year and the papers are currently being prepared by the two committees before sending them to the secretary of state to grant the final decision. You can find out more about that story by reading Pali’s previous blog HERE.

The experts at UNESCO believe that the new structures would fragment and isolate the historic centre and threaten to completely strip the World Heritage Site status if the development gets the go ahead. The Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson described the decision by UNESCO’s to list the city on the ‘in danger’ list as ‘premature ‘as there still awaiting the decision by the Government as to whether a public enquiry is to be held.

Wayne Colquhoun from the Liverpool Preservation Trust replied to Joe Anderson’s comment, ‘For the last five years my colleague and I have tried to persuade the council that to have a World Heritage site and then to destroy it would be foolish. Despite advice from UNESCO, Liverpool looks like it’s going to lose its best asset which is up there with the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. It’s very sad.

Pali has been following the stories emerging from Liverpool Waters and if you would like to read our previous blogs, please click the links below;

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Do you think the Liverpool Water plans could be adapted so the World Heritage Site status can be kept or do you believe that the status shouldn’t stand in the way of the development which will create jobs and greatly benefit the city for future generations?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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