Liverpools 25 million pound regeneration scheme for Granby

Posted: 07/03/2012

Developer, Leader1 (Liverpool) Ltd have won a contract with Liverpool City Council to regenerate the ‘Four Streets’ in Granby. Over £25 million is expected to be invested in the area with a project to refurbish 149 homes and build 50 new properties in the semi-derelict neighbourhood.

The work is set to start in May for the three year development, subject to the signing of a legal agreement due to the disappointment of the previous investors, Housing Marker Renewal fund, withdrawing from the project.

In Granby, the four streets that will be regenerated are Beaconsfield Street, Cairns Street, Jermyn Street and Ducie Street where there are currently vacant dark, dreary and dull Victorian terraces. Currently, Granby has only 70 to 200 occupied properties.

Ronnie Hughes from A Sense Of Place, a social enterprise, has been talking with citizens of the area and asked their opinion on the new scheme; ‘We are really glad to see something happening after years of nothing. What we need to do now is sit down with Leader1 to talk in detail about the plans.’

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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