Liverpool's first 1 pound house now SOLD!

Posted: 15/10/2013

After more than 1,000 people applied to become a new owner of just twenty properties in the Granby Four Streets area in Liverpool, the first lucky man's application has been sucessful! His name us Jayalal Madde and he is a father of two daughters and works as a taxi driver in Toxteth.

Liverpool City Council have contacted nine other people who also have winning applications for the properties. There was a strict criteria that had to be met if you were to be eligible for one of these homes for example, you have to renovate the property sold to you so it met the 'Decent Home Standard' before moving in. You also have to have plans to live in the area for more than 5 years and you cannot rent the property out to any tenants.

The reason why Liverpool City Council decided to sell these homes at the rock bottom price of £1 is because the developer, Leader 1 who has been chosen to redevelop the area had failed to meet deadlines numerous times so the £25 million tender was pulled from the project.

In related news, Liverpool City Council have confirmed that 24 bus lanes will be scrapped within the city from October 21st for a nine month period. Major Joe Anderson stated that the bus lanes, ‘simply don’t work’ and once the nine month trial period has come to an end a final decision will be made as to whether the bus lanes will be re-instated or will be permanently removed.

Liverpool City Council will be examining CCTV footage to see if the congestion eases in the city due to the bus lanes being opened to normal traffic however, Arriva, the main bus operator in the city centre is not happy about this decision.

Were you one of the lucky people that applied to purchase a property for one pound and have had your bid accepted? If so, please tell Pali how you feel to be a new owner of a property for £1 and let us know what refurbishment work you have planned for your new home?

Do you think Liverpool City Centre will benefit from the opening of the bus lanes or do you think this will cause more problems?

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Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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