Liverpools most historic church set for a controversial revamp

Posted: 01/06/2012

The All Saints church in Childwall is a Grade I listed building and is Liverpool’s most historic church. However, it is set to receive a huge revamp which will see an extension built over the top of an ancient burial site.

The church appealed against the decision made by Liverpool City Council that declined planning permission because they want the plans for the extension to get the go ahead.

The plans would involve the creation of a glass covered walkway over the formal burial site but this has sparked controversy.

The Planning Inspectorate reviewed Liverpool City’s decision to deny planning permission and has allowed the process to go to the next stage.

The proposal will be sent to a special Church of England court, where they will make a decision as to whether the development should get the go ahead. This process if called Faculty.

Campaigners have set up a Facebook page to try and fight against the plans to build on an ancient burial ground but have faced a huge set back with the news that the proposals will be sent through the Faculty process.

Jonathon Wild is one of the campaigners and spoke to the Echo and said, ‘I’m deeply disappointed with the decision of the extension to Liverpool’s only remaining medieval church despite the council’s stance and the opinion of many of the grave tenders.’

There has been no date set for a public enquiry which would allow both sides to present their case.

What is your opinion on the proposals to build an extension to an ancient church over an old burial site?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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