Liverpools rotten rented homes are targeted by Shelter

Posted: 09/05/2012

With Joe Anderson recently elected as the first Mayor of Liverpool, the charity Shelter are making sure that the rented accommodation in the city is one of the problems on his list that must be tackled. Shelter has set up a campaign called ‘Rotten Homes Liverpool’ to try and tackle the poorly maintained properties that are being rented.

One in five households in Liverpool are rented privately from a landlord but more than 40% of these properties are poorly maintained. This could mean that they are hazardous because of faulty gas and electrics or they may not have heating or modern facilities. These properties may also have problems with damp and mould which can cause serious health problems.

Shelter have been researching into the issue and found a small amount of rogue landlords but because of the vast amount of rented accommodation in Liverpool, the below standard state is the norm, proving difficult for families to avoid.

Because of the increased demand for rental properties, it has caused rogue landlords to prosper and families can feel unable to complain because of the threat of eviction. Over the past 3 years, Liverpool City Council received over 11,000 complaints, although many more will have gone unreported.

The good news is Liverpool City Council have taken measures in identifying hazardous privately rented accommodation and the Mayor of Liverpool has promised to improve housing in the city.

Have you ever lived in a poorly maintained rented property but not complained because of the fear of eviction?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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