London Borough of Newham is the greenest in Britain!

Posted: 12/09/2013

According to Potsdam Institute for Climate Change Impact Research the London Borough of Newham is the greenest area in Britain! Now, I'm not talking about green because it has the largest amount of grass and green areas, far from in fact because I am talking about green in terms of Co2 emissions. Newhams carbon footprint is 18% lower than the nationa; average of 12.5 tonnes of CO2 per capita. The City of London has the highest carbon footprint with 15.51 tonnes of carbon emissions emitted per capita.

The research carried out by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Change Impact found a strong link between the money and carbon emissions. The trent was the wealthier the population in the area the more carbon emissions were emitted. This was correlated to car ownership, owning larger houses and even education. The report found that the more educated a person was the more carbon emissions they would emit but they could not understand why. With regards to transport, poorer people tend to use more public transport therefore, less carbon emissions were emitted and the same applies to housing, the larger the house the higher the carbon emissions because more gas and electric would be used. 

When the Independent spoke to some of the residents of the London Borough of Newham they stated that they made no conscious effort to be environmentally friendly because they were more focused on surviving and living day to day. Residents could understand why Newham had the lowest carbon emissions because everything that is needed lies within the town so they have no need to travel far for groceries.

The findings also showed that with each additional £600 then a person earned it resulted in an extra tonne of annual carbon emissions. They also took into consideration the carbon emitted into the atmosphere from the goods and services used for example, the transportation of good in and out of Newham which totalled up to 10.21 tonnes of carbon a year.

The London Borough of Newham is located just 5 miles away from London’s financial district which has one of the highest carbon footprints. What do you think about the findings detailed in this report?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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