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Posted: 05/10/2011

During the 19th century parts of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset where one of the most important mining districts in the world. Mining has since stopped but it is still a major cause of soil contamination and subsidence. The Council of Mortgage Lenders and The Law Society of England and Wales advise that potential purchasers in these areas should commission a mining search within areas of past Metalliferous mining activity.

In 2002 the BBC reported that an elderly couple had been forced to leave their home after a 200 – feet mineshaft opened up in their garden. This was just weeks after two other terraced houses had been condemned in St Ives when another shaft opened. Furthermore the BBC reports that there are approximately 5000 shafts in the Camborne-Redruth area that have been capped over the centuries but many are unstable.

Pali recommends that if you live in an area that may be affected by years of previous mining then you should order a Metalliferous Search through your solicitor.

A Metalliferous Mining Search is produced with reference to the extensive mining archive in order to provide an assessment of mining risk to the property in question. The report includes a plan showing the property boundary and any mining features which may be considered as a risk to the property. Clear recommendations will be provided where further action need to may take place such as visual inspection of the property.

A Metalliferous Mining Search including Tin Mining can be purchased for a Residential or a Commercial property and if you require a Metalliferous Mining Search, simply Contact Us.

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