National Church Trust provides cash for Seacombe church repair

Posted: 29/06/2012

St Paul’s church is an 1847 English gothic style church located in Seacombe on the Wirral. The church is a Grade II listed building with a three stage tower and a spire that was damaged many years ago.

St Paul’s church is used by the local residents not only as a place of worship but as a key resource for nearby schools and wider community. However, since the 1960s the condition of the spire has deteriorated and is in desperate need of repair.

The National Church Trust which was set up in 2007, has helped repair and maintain over 800 places of worship across the country and St Paul’s is the next to benefit from the scheme. The joint president of the scheme is the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.

St Paul’s in Seacombe, Wallasey will receive £10,000 from the National Church Trust to rebuild the damaged spire.

In other related news, Wirral Partnership Homes project to build 48, two bedroom apartments in West Kirby along with a new health centre looks set to be granted planning permission.

However, over 100 residents in West Kirby opposed to the plans as they feared the four story high apartment blocks would over look their properties close by therefore, causing a loss in privacy. The local residents also expressed their discontent at the extra amount of traffic the apartment blocks would cause.

On the other hand, some West Kirby residents support the scheme, indicating the desperate need for social housing in the area. The original plans for the apartment block were revised, reducing the amount of flats by ten from 58 to 48.

The Bridge Court scheme has been created by Wirral Partnership Homes to tackle the two areas in West Kirby that are in need of regeneration and to also provide more homes for the growing demand of the 21st Century.

Are you for or against Wirral Partnership Homes plans for West Kirby?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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