New Alder Hey Hospital set for Government approval

Posted: 24/05/2012

The current Alder Hey hospital was built almost 100 years ago, designed by Florence Nightingale in the Victorian era. Some of the oldest parts of the building started life as a home for paupers but the outdated hospital’s time is coming to an end.

Plans for a new look Alder Hey Hospital that’s set to cost £237 million, have been sent to the Government for approval.  It is expected that the treasury will give the green light for the plans to become a reality.

The design of the new hospital was inspired by children’s drawings of flowers and will include parkland around the building.

The hospital was firstly estimated to cost £288 million but has since dropped to the current £237 million price tag and has been deemed ‘affordable’ by a former accountant.

The name for the new hospital will be the ‘Alder Hey Children’s Health Park’ and will be the first of its kind in Europe. The new parkland will be created over the rubble of the old demolished buildings and will be set on the site of Springfield Park in West Derby.

It is believed that the new hospital will have an A&E department placed next to intensive care and an X-ray section unlike the old hospital, where departments are not in logical order, making it difficult for staff and patients to make their way around the building. It is understood that the hospital will also include more single rooms and private wards for patients.

It is thought that the new Alder Hey Children’s Health Park could open as soon as October 2015 following the hospitals 100th year celebrations. The plans are still subject to full planning permission but if given the go ahead, work could start as early as this year.

The chief executive, Louise Shepherd has big plans for the hospital, aiming for it to become one of the top 10 paediatric hospitals in the world, placing a large focus on research.

The plans for the hospital were draw up 8 years ago with the intention of building a hospital for the 21st century. Sir David Henshaw, the Alder Hey chairman spoke to the Echo and said, ‘This is a really exciting time for everyone connected to Alder Hey as together we look forward to an incredible future. Today is a huge moment in Alder Hey’s illustrious 100-year history.’

The building will be financed by donations and £104 million borrowed from the Private Finance Initiative, which has been questioned due to the unreliable history of the company.

What are your thoughts on the new hospital coming to the North West?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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