New images of the Liverpool Waterfront Skyline released from Peel Holdings

Posted: 28/02/2012

Image by Rusty Design.

Liverpool Council will vote on Tuesday the 6th March on the possible regeneration plans for the dock areas of its water front, which include Princes Dock and the Central Dock.

The regeneration would involve a 5.5bn development which would include 9,000 apartments, hundreds of offices, hotels, bars, as well as a 55 story Shanghi Tower and a cruise terminal. This would offer thousands of new jobs to the city and surrounding areas including The Wirral.

Unfortunately for Peel Holdings, Liverpool Waterfront is a World Heritage Site and issues have been raised by Unesco, who oversee World Heritage Sites. They are concerned that the project will force the Three Graces to play a secondary role in the scheme if the plans went ahead. The regional head of English Heritage, Henry Owen-John has said: ‘We are not in a position to judge what the balance is between heritage, which we know about, and economic development, which we know less about.’ The body says the plans will cause ‘substantial harm’ to the outstanding universal value of the World Heritage Site.

Image by Rusty Design

The counter argument from Peel Holdings development director, Lindsey Ashworth is: ‘There are overwhelming reasons why it should be given a favourable wind. We are not disturbing any archaeology, there are about 200 buildings in the scheme and every building has moved since the original application.’ She added: ‘I don’t think it will lose the World Heritage Site status, I am convinced it will not.’

It is up to the government to decide on which party is correct, whether it be for the regeneration which will help the current downturn of the economy, or for the protection of the World Heritage Site to maintain the history of Liverpool’s Waterfront. If the government cannot make a decision, there is talk of it going to a public vote, in which case Peel Holdings have been quoted saying: ‘If it goes to public enquiry we will walk away.’ Peel Holdings are happy to concentrate on their sister project, which has already had planning permission, on the other side of the River Mersey called Wirral Waters.

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