New Practice Note includes Flood Risk Information

Posted: 04/06/2013

floodingThe Law Society has published its latest Practice Note which includes information on flooding. According to the Environment Agency, one in six houses are at risk of flooding across the UK as the climate changes and planning decisions are being made for urban development without sufficient consideration of potential flooding risks.

The Law Society’s latest Practice Note contains an understanding of the different types of flood risk and how the property does not necessarily have to be near a river or the sea to be affected by flooding. The Latest Practise Note is also clear that there are limitations when obtaining information from websites such as the Environment Agency which doesn’t contain property specific information.

There are talks in the insurance industry of the potential withdrawal of insurance for flood risk homes therefore, lenders will refuse to provide mortgages on the properties that are known to be at risk of flooding. It’s no lie that flooding is a huge issue of recent years with impacts including damages to the property and possessions, the long term suffering of the property owners and the wider community not to mention the loss of businesses through damaged stock and permanent structural damage to the buildings. To fix all of these problems it costs money and whilst the current agreement between the Government and Association of British Insurers has been extended until the end of July, a long term solution has yet to be agreed.

The Law Society has stated in its latest Practice Note that Flood Risk Searches such as a Groundsure Flood Report is a clear and valuable method of surfacing any flood risk potential in a property. Flooding Reports by Groundsure contains property specific information as well as additional data such as surface water flooding risks and a clear flood risk ranking that is clear for anyone that may read the report. The Groundsure Flood Report also contains technical solutions to flood risks with property specific resilience and resistance measures as well as more substantial schemes which would serve the wider vicinity.


It is more important now than ever to make sure your clients understand the potential risks of flooding when in the early stages of property transactions. The Law Society Property Information now places onus on the seller to provide as detailed information on flooding as possible this is because vague and misleading answers were sometimes given during a property transaction which later lead to court cases.

If a property has previously flooded, sellers are required to state the type of flooding the property is susceptible to which includes, sewer, ground water, coastal, surface water or river. They also need to provide a flood risk report such as a  Groundsure Flood report. Alternatively, a GroundSure Homebuyers report is the only combined residential environmental and flood risk search available on the market.

If you are interested in Pali’s range of Groundsure Reports, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0151 691 1170 or

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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