Onshore wind farm for Wallasey approved

Posted: 06/06/2012

Plans for an onshore wind farm to be built near the former Max Spielman building in Wallasey were approved by Wirral Council. The wind farm will consist of five, 50ft tall wind turbines on the land visible from the M53 Bidston Moss viaduct, between the Kingsway Tunnel and junction 1.

The application was sent to Wirral Council by local businesses who want to become completely self sufficient for electricity. However, local residents have complained about the lack of consultation they received before the scheme was approved. This is due to the ‘delegated powers’ that allow the town hall planning officers to accept or decline an application, without it being sent to a planning committee.

Many residents of the area were completely unaware of the scheme for the wind turbines and are extremely angry that the scheme got the green light without a proper consultation. The local residents claim that the turbines will cause noise disruption due to the constantly moving blades and the turbines also cause an undesirable, restrictive view.

One of the local residents spoke to the Wirral Globe and said that, ‘These turbines have been approved now so there’s probably not a lot we can do at this stage.’

Permission was granted in the 12th April by the council’s cabinet and a list of conditions was created which the developers must meet. These conditions include a landscaping scheme which must be in place before the work starts and the project must be completed within three years.

Wirral Council disagrees with the local residents and claim that their consultation was sufficient. They placed a notice near the proposed site and sent a letter to the property which is directly opposite the future location of the wind turbines.

Wirral Council also state they consulted the Environment Agency, Wirral Wildlife, Merseyside Environment Advisory Service and National Air Traffic Services before giving the scheme the go ahead.

The company that is leading the project for the construction of the wind turbines is West Wallasey Fleet Hire, who desires to be the first vehicle hire company in the United Kingdom to be completely powered by wind turbine electricity.

What are your thoughts of the new onshore wind farm for Wallasey and will you be affected by the development?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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