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Posted: 11/04/2012

Here at Pali, we strive to continue improving and updating our searches for you. In conjunction with DevAssist, we are proud to announce that we are now offering brand new, unique searches.

Who are DevAssist?

DevAssist is short for Development Assistance and they provide unique searches such as DevAssess, DevCheck, DevSure and DevAlert. The primary management team hold no less than 20 years experience each and every member contributes different skills from sales management, land acquisition and disposal, surveying and building. All of the Management Team has held Director level positions in large property businesses and most at Managing Director level.

Why do I need a DevAssist Search?

In March 2011, the Government announced future reforms to the planning regime in favour of sustainable development. Other measures announced include; opening up more land for development, piloting public sector land auctions, streamlining planning applications with fast track for major infrastructure projects, and offering first time buyers an equity investment towards the deposit on new-build homes.
Development could have a substantial impact on your clients’ current or prospective property. It may ruin their view, reduce their enjoyment of the property or even affect its value, positively or negatively. As clients become more aware of development risk as an issue, solicitors can now obtain further information about unexploited development risks to address their concerns through Pali.

What are the new searches?

DevAssess is a unique new report that includes existing planning information and identifies unexploited development sites. In approximately 10% of cases the searched property has hidden value revealed. The search informs purchasers and professionals of where undeveloped land exists within 75m of a specific property. This search identifies development potential risk/opportunities where planning applications have not even been submitted. It also can uncover hidden value within searched properties. The search includes detailed mapping clearly showing where development might happen and includes a detailed Plansearch Plus report from Landmark or a GroundSure Planning Report exposing recent and current planning applications.

Key features include;

> Unique, professional opinion about future development risks within a 75m radius of the property
> Identifies development potential of your or your client’s intended property
> Site specific mapping showing any identified potential development sites
> Information about the size of each identified site, together with density predictions
> Aerial photography

To view a sample of the DevAssess report click HERE

DevCheck is a unique new report that includes existing planning information and identifies unexploited development sites. In approximately 10% of cases the searched property has hidden value revealed. On average 50-60% of housing land comes from windfall developments. There are still huge areas of land yet to be developed and, in light of a chronic national housing shortage, the need is expected to increase further over the next few years.
Key features include;

> Professional opinion about future development opportunities within a 75m radius of the property.
> Site specific mapping showing potential development sites.
> Site specific mapping showing any identified potential development sites.
> Aerial photography.
> Bespoke comment about the area searched

To view a sample of the DevCheck report click HERE

DevSure is soon to be launched which will insure against diminution of value on a domestic property caused by development nearby.

DevAlert Be the first to be informed of any changes to the planning establishment or the area that you live or work in. This report will keep you informed of any changes to National Planning Policy or other relevant statements. By subscribing to our DevAlert be the first to know of any significant changes to the planning system or development industry.

Paul Addison who is the Principal of DevAssist said, 'This is the first time Conveyancing Practitioners will be able to offer clients more in-depth knowledge on potential development risks. Most importantly, they will also have access to a professional opinion on the level of risk involved, ranging from low to high. We are also COPSO and PCCB approved.’

Jo Milne, Marketing Director from Pali says ‘After meeting with Paul Addison, Director of DevAssist, I was instantly convinced that these reports definitely play a vital role in the conveyancing process. Paul is very passionate about the DevAssist products and has more than the adequate experience as a Developer to qualify him on the subject.’ Jo Milne continues ‘Not only can they make future homeowners aware of intended developments that may take place on their land but they can also highlight situations where the homeowner benefits financially from the information the reports uncover. We at Pali always embrace new reports that enter the market if it means aiding our clients in providing a better conveyancing service, so we were more than happy to hop on the DevAssist wagon.’

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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