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Posted: 01/05/2013


Buying a home is probably the largest single purchase you will ever made so it is very important you take your time to find your perfect property. Pali has decided to be super helpful for those Spring house hunters and listed ten vital questions you must ask or you may end up with a nightmare surprise rather than your dream home.

First of all you need to ask yourself how much you can afford because there is not point looking and visiting properties that you cannot afford to purchase. Don’t forget to include costs such as solicitor fees, valuation, stamp duty, mortgage arrangement fees, removals and also the cost of fixtures and fittings for your new home.

The next thing you need to ask yourself is if you are getting good legal advice because choosing the right solicitor can make your transaction a whole lot easier. Selling and buying a property can be a very stressful long process if you don’t have the right solicitor helping matters along. You can find a Law Society Registered Conveyancing Solicitor in your area through Pali’s free online Conveyancing Quote system. All you need to do is fill out a simple form and within 24 hours you will receive four of the best Conveyancing quotes via email from our database of quality Conveyancing solicitors in your area. Simply click HERE.

The third piece of advice from Pali is to check if the houses you are interested in are well connected. Mobile phone signal is an essential part of everyday life so make sure you can receive good phone reception in each room of the house when visiting it. Also check if the property is in an area where good broadband connectivity can be achieved because the internet is also a vital part of everyday life and there is nothing more frustrating than slow internet speed.

The next thing to think about is your potential new neighbours because the last thing you want to live next door to are neighbours from hell! The best way to find out what the neighbours are really like is to visit the property not only during the day but at the weekends and in the evenings as well to find out if they make much noise. You can always rely on the vendor to speak the truth when it comes to the next door neighbours. You can also check the local crime rates on and it is a good idea to find out if there is a railway or major road nearby that causes noise pollution or if the road gets clogged up by traffic during peak times.

untitled2The fifth point you need to check is whether the property is at risk of flooding especially after the extreme weather we have had over the past few years where flash flood cause my continuous rain has lost many homeowners their property and belongings. According to the Government there are 5 million homes across the UK at risk of flooding and the average clean up costs is £17,000 per house according to Lloyds TSB. Therefore, future insurance premiums are expected to rise especially if the Government don’t strike a deal with insurers before the 30th June 2013 when the current deal expires. If your worst nightmare would be watching your belongings gets washed away by flood water, you can order a Groundsure Flood Search from Pali at a cost of £22.20 to be sure of the risks of flooding relating to a specific property. Other Residential Conveyancing Reports that include Flooding data are a Groundsure Homescreen and Homebuyers Homebuyers, simply contact us on 0151 691 1170 or email for more details.


A potential question to consider when house hunting is if your children can attend to the local school. Whether you already have children or if you are planning a family, you should check the Ofsted ratings for the local state primary and secondary schools and you can check if you are in the catchment area for a certain school you have chosen.  

A very important question to ask yourself if you can get finance for the property you have chosen. If you would like to purchase an ex-local authority home some mortgage lenders are unwilling to lend on these properties. Some lenders will refuse a mortgage if you’re purchasing a cottage with a thatched roof or if you’re purchasing a leasehold property with less than 80 year remaining on it.

Another point you must consider is if there are going to be any major developments going ahead locally because you don’t want to move into the middle of a building site. You can find out if your property may be located close to a major building project by ordering a DevAssess report from Pali which is a unique report that includes existing planning information and identifies unexploited development sites. You may also want to check how close your potential new home may be to the HS2 (High Speed Rail) and you can do this by ordering a Groundsure HS2 Report from Pali by contacting us on 0151 691 1170 or email for more information.

Last but not least if you should experience love at first site and fall for a property it is very easy to overlook those practical questions such as which way the house faces and which council tax brand the house comes under. It is also important to know if the road is adopted by the council or what your legal right is if you share a drive way. You should also find out if the property has planning permission for any conversions or extension however, the best way for you to find information like this out is to order a Local Authority Search produced by Pali. A Personal Local Authority Search contains information compiled by a member of Pali examining council records. The report provides environmental information on a property such as planning applications, building regulations, traffic schemes, contaminated land, radon gas and Local Land Charges. Another key aspect which you should be keen to know is if the sewer and water pipes are maintained by your local drainage and water company, this information can be obtained by ordering a Drainage and Water Search produced by Pali.


For more information on all the Conveyancing reports which can be ordered you can visit our website here


Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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