Pali's Top Tips to protect your home from flooding

Posted: 03/01/2013

After leaving one of the wettest years behind, where many parts of the country suffered severe floods that damaged thousands of properties and devastated many families, it is time to prepare for yet more rain in 2013. Yes, the forecast predicts that the rain will continue to fall therefore, Pali decided to create their list of Top Tips to protect your home from flooding.

Pali’s first Top Tip to protect your home from flooding is to clear your guttering of anything that may block it such as leaves or debris. If your drains are not free flowing, the rain water can back up and end up pouring from the sides of the gutter and soaking into your wood work which will cause rotting over time. Also, if the rain water is not running into your gutter and down the drainpipe into the water systems, it means the water is falling to the ground and may pool around the house.

The second Top Tip from Pali to protect your home from flooding is to install air brick covers which will create a water tight seal over your existing bricks. Air brick covers can be screwed into place therefore they are also easily removed when the rain subsides and can be reused. Exposed brick is a common cause for water damage and for around £8 to £20 per cover, they may save the inside of your home from the rain.

Pali’s next Top Tip is to take time to inspect your roof and attic. If you can see water marks and mould on your roof’s beams then you will most likely have a leak which could result in more serious damage. Any repairs that may need to be undertaken should be left to a professional roofer who can safely rectify the damage that has been caused.

Another Top Tip to protect your home from flooding is to hire an electrician to raise your electrics such as a fuse box and sockets which will prevent a costly re wire if your home does flood. The fuse box and sockets should be at least 1.5 metres above the floor in order to avoid a short circuit from taking place. It is also a good idea to raise any valuables to a height where they will be safe from flood water.

Do you want to know if you live in a flood risk area or if a property you wish to purchase is at the risk of flooding? You can purchase a GroundSure Flood Report from Pali which includes a wide range of data that considers many types of flood risk in addition to an opinion on the likely availability of insurance based upon data utilised extensively by the Association of British Insurers. The GroundSure Flood report from Pali covers the Environment Agency tidal and river flooding, areas benefiting from flood defence, pluvial flood risk, likely availability of insurance for flood risk homes and British Geological Survey of groundwater flood risk.

Alternatively, you can order a GroundSure Homebuyers report from Pali which is the only combined residential environmental and flood risk search available on the market. GroundSure Homebuyers contains the same high quality information and expert information the GroundSure Flood report does with a new feature of Historic Flood Data provided by the Environment Agency which dates back to the 1840’s. This additional data is compulsory information for many insurers when assessing insurability. GroundSure Homebuyers contains the added benefit of historic information about contaminated Land under Park IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

If you’re interested in purchasing a GroundSure Flood report or a Groundsure Homebuyers report from Pali or would like more information, please call 0151 691 1170 or email and we will be happy to assist you.

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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