Plans to build on London's 'super sewer' site revealed

Posted: 05/07/2012

London’s super sewer site is an infrastructure project that will increase the capacity of the sewerage system, preventing overflows into the River Thames.

The project will cost an estimated £4.1 billion pounds and has been set up by the Thames Study Group with consists of Thames Water, DEFRA, the Environment Agency and the Greater London Authority. The plans to improve Londons sewerage system was first thought of in the early 1990’s by Thames Study Group.

Raw sewerage has been known to leak almost 60 times into the River Thames every year. The tunnel intended to stop this leakage has an internal diameter of 7.2m and will be 22 miles long and will be built under the Thames riverbed between Hammersmith and Beackton.

The completion date for this massive project is 2023 however, more plans have been submitted, this time to build 500 homes, shops and offices in South Fulham which will be directly over the site where the ‘super sewer’ will run.

The plans for the development were submitted to the London Borough of Hammersmith Council by Fulham Riverside West Partnership for the planning process.

The vision for the project is to ‘create a vibrant new riverside community’ which will include new homes, offices and business space along with restaurants, cafes and public spaces. Plans to accommodate a river path for cyclists and pedestrians have also been submitted.

There are three parts to the development, the first would see 71 homes along with offices built at Whiffen Wharf, the second would see 148 homes, a public square and office space built at Hurlingham Wharf and finally the plans for Carnwarth Road would include 255 new homes and a riverside plaza containing shops and restaurants.

The project is subject to planning permission and it is not yet clear how much the development will cost.

Do you think of the plans for the ‘super sewer’ will greatly improve the sewerage system in London or do you think the damage it will cause along the way is a high price to pay? Do you believe the development by Riverside West Partnership will benefit Fulham's community if granted planning permission?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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