Regeneration scheme for North Liverpool set to start in August

Posted: 16/07/2012

Liverpool City Council confirmed that the regeneration of North Liverpool will begin in August which will see around 600 properties refurbished.

The original plans for North Liverpool involved the demolition and rebuilding of new homes in Anfield, Edge Lane, Dingle and Wavertree but this project was scrapped by the Government. However, the final plans for Anfieild Village will involve refurbishing 374 homes including 168 vacant properties. A further 224 houses will be demolished including 116 derelict properties and transformed into a new estate.

Some of the empty properties in Gurnall Street and Saker Street will be expanded by knocking through dividing walls between two houses to cater for larger families.

The residents that currently live in Anfield have been consulted and Liverpool City Council revealed that almost nine out of ten resident approved the plans.

The redevelopment scheme is funded by a mixture of Liverpool City Council, the Homes and Communities Agency and landlord Your Housing.

In related news, the Government are set to announce a £9 billion funding which will be spent on un-used railway lines across the UK including the electrification of the old railway line between Liverpool and Manchester.

This scheme is part of the larger project called The Northern Hub which will improve the rail networks across Northern England by reducing travel times and increasing rail capacity.

The plans are set to start in 2014 and finish in 2019 but rail campaigners warned passengers of the increased fares.

What are your thoughts on the regeneration scheme for North Liverpool and do you think the Government’s plans to electrify the unused railway line between Liverpool and Manchester will benefit the two cities?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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