Resident legally challenges London Olympic missile site

Posted: 08/05/2012

The Bow Quarter estate in London was chosen to be an ideal location for the Ministry of Defence to set up a missile base to protect the Olympic Park, but residence of the building are challenging the legality of the deal.

Little Apple Holdings, who owns the freehold, agreed to allow the MoD to erect surface to air missiles to guard the Olympic Park from potential airborne terrorist attacks, without consulting the residents that are living in the building.

The residents have now appointed a team of lawyers to challenge the management company’s decision to allow the MoD to install the rockets on top of the building. Other residents are concerned that the building will be a target for terrorists because of the weapons which are attached to a water tower.

Little Apple Holdings stated that their decision to allow the army to access the roof of their building was ‘an issue of national security, not of commercial gain.’ And it is believed that ‘the MoD has authority to place defence systems within civilian areas if deemed appropriate in order to deliver security of the highest level.’

There are also fears because of the missiles being set up on the top of the 17 storey Fred Wigg tower, Waltham Forest, where three schools are situated nearby. The chairwoman of the Ferndale area residents’ association, Flash Bristow, spoke to the Guardian and said, ‘I find it shocking we could even contemplate hosting missiles on residential tower blocks during peacetime.’

Jules Carey from Tuckers Solicitors is acting on behalf of Mr Whelan, a resident of the Bow Quarter, spoke to the Guardian and said, ‘We are trying to ascertain what power the company has to enter into agreement with the MoD to install missiles. Subject to the wishes of the residents more generally, we will challenge this decision.’

What would your concerns be if you had MoD missiles attached to the top of your residence? Do you agree with the residents perusing legal action against Little Apple Holdings?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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