Ribbon on Grade I listed building illegal & new guidance from Welsh Government

Posted: 08/06/2012

Park House in Cardiff is a Grade I listed building designed by the famous Victorian architect William Burges. The building was built in 1874 and became Grade I listed in 1966 and is believed to be the most important 19th century buildings in Wales.

Park House is currently used as a restaurant by the owner, Adam Pledger and due to the poor economic climate, he decided to brighten up the outside of the building by wrapping a huge 65ft red ribbon, complete with bow and tag around it.

However, this has sparked controversy with Cardiff Council who claim that Mr Pledger did not have consent to make alterations to the building. This is because any changes made to a Grade I listed building must go before the council first, ‘Any alterations require listed-building consent and where the appropriate consent has not been granted the alterations are deemed illegal.’

Mr Pledger said that the ribbon has not damaged Park House and he is only using it as a marketing stunt, ‘It was not meant to stay up there permanently, just to give us a bit of a boost. The council should be there to help businesses, not hinder them.’

Cardiff Council and Mr Pledger had a meeting last month where they discussed the issues surrounding the red ribbon on Park House. Mr Pledger assured the council that the ribbon will be removed but the council warned him that if he does not follow this action through, he will face legal action.

In related news, the Welsh Governement has released new guidance to help reduce the time it takes to grant or deny planning permission. John Griffiths, the Environment Minister spoke about the improvements in the annual Royal Town Planning Institute Cymru.

The aim of the updated guidelines is to make the planning system more efficient, which will help reduce the time it takes for planning applications to go through the system. The latest guidelines aim to encourage people to talk with their local councils before submitting a planning application.

The Environment Minister also spoke about how the new guidelines will allow more micro generation equipment to be installed into households to increase the amount of green energy produced by homeowners.

The new guidelines will be enforced on the 18th June.

What are your thoughts on Cardiff Council’s warning to Mr Plunger about Park House and do you believe that the Welsh Government’s new guidelines will make the planning application process more efficient?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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