Ringo Starr & Conan Doyles old homes threatened by demolition

Posted: 31/05/2012

Ringo Starr was born on Madryn Street, Dingle and spent his childhood playing on the surrounding streets. Unfortunately, the Victorian terraces have become derelict and there were plans to demolish the site to build a new development.

That is, until Chancellor Richard Kemp, leader of Liverpool’s Liberal Democrat’s announced that the 117 properties which are known as Welsh Street, will be saved.

There are hopes that the National Trust will take on Ringo’s Starrs childhood home to preserve it and create a tourist attraction with it. The National Trust already owns John Lennon’s childhood home on Menlove Avenue and also Sir Paul McCartney’s old home on Forthlin Road.

Plans for exactly which properties will be saved are being drawn up and put forward to Liverpool City Council. One of the campaigners who fort for the properties on Welsh Street to be saved spoke to the Echo and said, ‘When we met Joe Anderson last year he said he would consider a viable alternative to demolition for part of the Welsh Streets. We are so glad an alternative has now come up.’

In other news, Conan Doyle’s mansion in Hindhead named Undershaw where he wrote the Famous Sherlock Homes stories, was set for demolition and flats to be built on the land. However, after a high court battle where John Gibson challenged Waverley Borough Council on their decision to grant planning permission, the judge backed Mr Gibson and the home will be saved.

The Grade II property had a lot of public support with 1,360 objections for the site to be developed which included objections from the Victorian Society, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt , the local MP, ex chairman of the Arts Council Sir Christopher Frayling, Stephen Fry and Julian Hunt who set his Booker prize nominated novel Arthur And George in Undershaw.

Waverley Borough Council have agreed to pay Mr Gibson’s legal costs of £20,000 and were also given time to consider appealing against the decision.

The co creator of the BBC’s Sherlock series Mark Gatiss, commented on the ruling, ‘This has been a long and difficult battle to save Undershaw and we are absolutely thrilled with the decision to quash planning permission to redevelop the property. This is a place which is steeped in history and should be treated with reverence.

He continued to describe how Conan Doyle’s work was a fundamental part of British Culture and how it is great to see all of the enthusiasts across the world wanting to preserve his home. He stated how everyone’s efforts have been well worth it and he is hoping that the mansion will be preserved and made into a museum where future generations can be inspired.

The solicitors that represented Mr Gibson in the court said that the council made ‘elementary’ errors in the decision to grant planning permission.

What are your thoughts on these two properties being saved from demolition?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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