Santas biggest headache... Getting down the chimney!

Posted: 20/12/2012

Yes, believe it or not, its not the billions of presents he has to load onto his sleigh, prepare his trusty reindeers and fly off into the night for a round the world trip, oh no, Santa has an even bigger problem. He can no longer deliver his presents by the traditional method, down the chimney!

According to Rightmove, four in ten UK households no longer have a chimney! 1,230 home owners were surveyed by Rightmove and 27% of the customers that have a chimney admitted that Santa still can’t deliver his presents down it because they have a gas fire. 13% of the home owners surveyed have chimneys that were boarded up, 14% have chimneys that are just too small and 15% have an open fireplace, not very safe when your suit has a white fur trim around it!

A quarter of the homeowners that had young children and don’t have a chimney or have any of the above fire places, admitted that their children were concerned how Santa delivers his presents. However, 69% of those parents reassured their children that Santa has a ‘magic key’ and a further 13% said they would stay up to let Santa into their home on Christmas Eve. Alternatively, 5% of the home owners with children assumed that Santa would get in through a window, door or even an air vent (bit of a tight squeeze don’t you think?)!

So, for those of you that still have a traditional chimney, please think about poor old Santa Clause before you install a gas fire or board the fire place up because Santa may have a delivery of coal to go under your Christmas Tree next year!

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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