Say bye bye to housing benefit if you're a tenant aged 25 and under

Posted: 12/04/2012

This may be the case if the Government enforces their plan which will stop housing benefit going to those who are aged 25 and younger. This will force young adults to continue living under their parent’s roof unless they earn enough money to pay rent without any help from the government.

The Government have recently extended the age limit for individuals to be entitled to Local Housing Allowance from 25 to 35, but the most recent proposal isn’t good news for most young people.

It has sparked concern from the charity Shelter, who have expressed there discontent at the suggestion as it could cause an increase in homelessness. This scheme has the potential to stop 400,000 under 25’s living in their own home and many of them may have their own children.

The director of policy and campaigns for Shelter, Kay Boycott, spoke to Letting Agent Today and said, ‘At Shelter we know that many young people simply don’t have family and friends to fall back on if they lose their job, and rely on housing support to keep a roof over their head. If true, these proposals would leave thousands of vulnerable young people, many of whom may have experienced family breakdown or abuse, with nowhere else to go.’

Will you or someone you know be affected if the Government decide to give this proposal the go ahead? Why do you think the Government are doing this and how do you think this could benefit the country?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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