Scottish Island priced cheaper than a central London flat

Posted: 27/01/2015

According to Rightmove, their latest price index revealed that the average house price for a property in central London during January 2015 was £755,655 however, if you prefer a more unusual purchase then this article is right up your street! An island in Scotland named Holm of Huip, located in the Orkney Islands, Northern Scotland has been advertised for sale for a mere £350,000.

This may seem like a bargain price for your very own island however, if you were to purchase this piece of land which spans 250,000 square metres, you would only be able to inhabit it for three months a year. According to the current vendor - Vladi Private Islands, the island hasn’t been inhabited for over 100 years and it is believed that due to legal reasons such as the lack of schools and health care, residents are only allowed to stay during summer for no more than three months.

However, if this island still appeals then you will be delighted to know that it has one long sandy beach on the southern coast of the island with two additional stone and slate beaches and there are a herd of seals which enjoy this old red sandstone island. There are two old stone farmhouses which have unfortunately been reduced to ruins but the vendor said that they could be renovated or rebuilt to make a small dwelling, with the approval of the council of course.

Holm of Huip has a rich history including the remains of Viking longboats which were discovered by local fishermen and there are also some archaeological sites containing century old artefacts according to Pedro Avrez who is the director or Vladi Private and former owner of the island.

This island may not be the most practical purchase unlike a property in central London but not many people could say that they own an island off the coast of Scotland, even if it doesn’t have running water or electricity and there are very few practical ways of getting to and from the island. Due to the location of Holm of Huip, it is only reachable in good weather conditions by helicopter or motorboat and the only other alternative is a 90 minute ferry ride from Kirkwall, the capital of the Orkney Islands or by rowing boat.

Are you still tempted by this unusual, historic island off the Northern coast of Scotland?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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