Scouser offers odds of 1000 to 1 that HS2 will not beat Pendalino

Posted: 29/01/2013

So the die is cast? If we want to get from Liverpool to London we will need to use the HS2 or will the Pendalino still be an alternative?

If the Pendalino is not an option then the benefits of HS2 to scoucers will be minimal as we will have to change trains and platforms at Crewe. This will mean a delay and that will be dependant on the frequency of the HS2. If they run every two hours tough luck. The current service, Liverpool to London Euston is very good at 2hr 8min. I will offer odds of 1000 to one that HS2 does not get travellers from Liverpool to London any quicker. I am taking bets now. To claim your winnings all you have to do is phone me as you step on the train at Lime Street and phone me again as you step on the platform at Euston.

Winnings of less than £1000 will be paid by cheque over that amount will be by Bacs to an account of your choice.

Nick Small Snr, Pali Ltd

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