Seaside home view obstructed by a monstrous 15ft wall!

Posted: 27/06/2014

After purchasing her dream home almost 14 years ago with her husband Kenneth, Joyce Reynolds has been left facing a scandalous 15ft breeze block wall every time she looks out of her window. Her house is located in Newquay, Cornwall and sits right by the seaside. She used to enjoy looking onto a most spectacular view however; this view has now been tarnished on one side by the atrocious wall.

At the time of purchasing her home, before Ms Reynolds husband sadly passed, he vowed that he would construct a fairy-tale like terrace in their garden where they could sit and observe the waves. A long time after this date, the terrace and all its uses have been drowned in a pit of shade due to the neighbours being granted permission to build the obstructive monstrosity.

The build is part of the neighbouring guest house, Trewlawn Guest House and the modifications that have been made has resulted in first and second floor balconies being built adjacent to Mrs Reynolds windows. The work started in January 2014 and is still underway at the moment; Ms Reynolds went on to say how much her husband treasured the terrace and how she could freely look out on the stormy sea during wet weathers.

Following her husband’s passing the plans for the development had been drawn up a month later however, she willingly rebelled against them as did her other neighbours and son-in-law but as a result of their complaints, no further progress has been made to date with regards to the way the council are handling the case.

Despite the concerns raised by Ms Reynolds, her family, friends & neighbours, Newquay Town Council still proceeded to grant approval of the application. Even though this it has already been decided, the council did suggest that the guest house must insert screening between the balconies and Joyce’s home to ensure she still has full privacy.

As well as this, the Council have also displayed that they want the balconies to be used as seating areas so that noise is kept to a minimal level. Cornwall Council went on to say;
“The occupiers of neighbouring properties were consulted in accordance with council procedure. Following receipt of objections from neighbours at numbers 20 and 26, two site visits were carried out in order to address their concerns. Having carefully assessed the proposal, it was concluded that any potential loss of view and light would not be so significant as to warrant a refusal of planning permission. Potential loss of sea views and devaluation of property are not material planning considerations”.

As the development goes on, the Council are keeping a watchful eye to ensure that it is built in agreement to the final plans that have been formulated and say that they will meet residents on the initial site to explain the plans. Owners of the property did not wish to comment.

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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