Severe storm sweeps in and floods New Brighton

Posted: 05/12/2013

The Environment Agency issued multipe warnings this morning due to the storm that was about to hit the UK including the North West of England. The Environment Agency issued a warning to the residents of the Wirral peninsular of a 6 metre high tide at 12.24pm with a force 7 to 8 winds and when these conditions peaked, it caused major flooding on the coast of New Brighton, Meols and West Kirby.

When the storm hit, it flooded the car parks at Marine Point in New Brighton so much so that a lorry was stranded at the back or Morrison’s in water as high as its grill and a car had been washed onto its side by the Fort Perch Rock. Shops such as Morrison’s and Home Bargains have been flooded meaning most of the stock that was floor level has been drenched and destroyed. Sand has also been swept into the shops by the rushing waves.

It has been reported that the many Christmas shoppers who were inside the shops at the time had to be moved to a upper levels and when it was safe to leave they had to wade through the water which had also flooded the roads and nearby fields. The restaurants of Marine Point have also been flooded including Subway, Prezzo, Marino Lounge and The Light Cinema.

The Black Peal, a pirate ship that had been made out of drift wood by volunteers and enjoyed by many a visitor has been torn down by the raging waves and vicious winds.

The emergency services arrived on scene with a large tanker which sucked the water up of the road but what was left behind made the road unpassable. Large rocks, sand, stones, seaweed, drift wood and other debris littered the road and pavements.

The Life Guards had hitched up the Life Boat ready for an emergency call. Most of the roads along New Brighton promenade have been closed due to the dangerous waves which are still crashing up and over the sea defences. This is causing ciaos on the surrounding roads and the emergency services are advising to keep away from the area for safety reasons.

Have you been effected by the storms? Were you in New Brighton at the time the flood hit? Leave a comment below and tell us about your experience of this storm.

The below images were captued by myself, Amanda McGovern and Tim Graham, Pali Ltd and the last ten images are  curtsey of Wirral News Beat.

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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