Shocking figures reveal biodiversity damage isnt compensated for by councils

Posted: 17/05/2012

Less than half of the councils in England can prove they have taken into account biodiversity damage when developing an area, an investigation has discovered.

A study by think tank Policy Exchange exposed the shocking figure that only 41% of councils have evidence to prove they had taken measures to compensate for damage made to habitats and endangered wildlife when building.

The enquiry found that 74% of local authorities were unable to provide evidence that they had considered the biodiversity in an area where compensation measures were required.

An average of only 1.4 acres were replaced when 2.4 acres were lost. This will result in loss of land for wildlife and will also cause a decline in many species of animals due to a deprivation of ideal habitats.

These figures prove that it’s crucial for biodiversity protection measures to be put in place on how land is used, before more species of wildlife become extinct.

What are your thoughts on these shocking findings?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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