Shortage of bungalows in Britain!

Posted: 24/02/2015

Could the Bungalow be the answer to the UKs housing crisis?  According to Alliance and Leicester, only 2% of the houses in Britain are bungalows but a huge 30% of the population would like to own one. Over a third of people who live in Wales class a bungalow as their dream home and a huge 47% of 16-19 year olds would prefer a house with no stairs. This highlights the shortage of bungalows in Britain but I don’t believe many developers have bungalows on their development plans.

If you think of any new housing developments you may have seen, you probably won’t have seen a bungalow being built, this is because bungalows are seen to be properties for the elderly however, more and more stylish, one off properties are being built on a single story basis. Sometimes even conversions of more unusual properties or simply brand new modern and contemporary buildings are bungalows. The latest figures which are from 2009 state that a mere 300 new bungalows were built and according to Brandon Lewis, the new Planning Minister, this figure is unacceptable and he believes that building more bungalows would help the housing crisis.

The problem is, many developers see bungalows as bad investments because of the space they require compered to a block of flats or retirement apartments which would mean more properties on less space which equals more money. Would you consider living in a bungalow if they were cheaper than the average home? I would be happy to purchase a bungalow as a first time buyer if the price was right!

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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