Six major road schemes get the green light

Posted: 09/05/2012

The Department for Transport have announced plans for six new road improvement schemes to support the future of the transport network.

Minister Mike Penning stated the development work will be carried out over the next few years to insure the Highways Agency major infrastructure will be maintained for future generations. This will also contribute to future economic growth of the country as Mr Penning announced, ‘We are committed to tackling congestion, keeping traffic moving and supporting the UK economy, putting in money where it’s most needed and where the public will get a good return on investment.’

The six areas for development are:

* Motorway management scheme for the M4 Junctions 3-1, Thames Valley

* Congestion relief scheme for the M25 Junction 30 / A13, Thurrock

* Junction improvement for the A19 / A1058 Coat Road, North Tyneside

* Widening of the A21 Tonbridge, Pembury in Kent

* A63 Castle Street Improvements, Hull

* A160 / A180 improvements, Immingham

Some parts of the project is set to begin next year at a cost of around £3 billion, yet more proposals are being considered for the M20 junction 10A and the M54 to M6/M6 Toll link road.

Are you pleased with the announcements made to improve the road links throughout the country or are you dreading the start of the road works as you will be caught in the congestion they will cause?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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