Smokers are finding it increasingly difficult to rent a property

Posted: 29/05/2012

Since the smoking ban came into force for the UK in 2007 which stopped people smoking in pubs, clubs and restaurants, it appears that more landlords have become stricter with renting their property to smokers.

According to figures, only 10% of landlords are content to let people smoke in their property and as a result, smokers are finding it more and more difficult to find a property to rent. There has been a 66% decrease in properties allowing smoking to be carried out indoors.

In some circumstances, smokers lie on their application forms to mislead landlords in order to secure a home. Some landlords feel so strongly against tenants smoking in their property, they would seriously consider evicting a tenant if they discovered a cigarette was lit indoors.

So, why do landlords not want smokers renting their accommodation?

When cigarettes are smoked indoors, the smell sinks into the fixtures and fixtures of the property such as the carpets, wallpaper, curtains and can even stain the ceiling. This can make it very difficult for the landlord to re let the property after the tenants have left because smokers and non smokers alike, will be put off any home that smells of stale smoke. 

This could mean that the landlord has to completely redecorate the property before being able to secure another tenant. Smoking in a property also carries a risk of fire, when ash drops onto the floor or furniture.

If you’re a landlord, would you allow smokers into your property? Are you a smoker and finding it difficult to secure a property?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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