Some simple water saving tips!

Posted: 27/03/2012

As were all aware, March has been a very dry warm month, this was great for getting an early suntan (if you were brave enough to bare all) but not so good for our water supplies...
Before the levels get too low, how about doing your bit to save water, and save some money too! Here are some quick tips to save you pouring your money down the drain.

* Enjoy a short shower instead of a boring bath! If you have a five minute shower you could save up to £18 a year on gas bills and up to £21 a year on water bills (if you have a water meter).

* Replace your shower head with a water efficient one! If you have a family of four this could save you around £72 off gas and the same off your water bills, that’s a total saving of £150, just to change a shower head!

* When you use your dish washer or washing machine, make sure their full before you press go and use the ‘eco’ wash option if available. If you are looking to replace your appliance, the Energy Saving Recommended logo will help you find the products that will save you money and use less water!

* If you do not have a dish washer, try filling your sink with hot water twice a day to wash the dishes instead of having your hot tap running continuously, you could save around £34 a year on your gas bill and around £25 of your water bill (if you have a water meter). If you need to wash vegetables choose the cold tap if possible!

* When making that cup of tea or coffee, try only filling the kettle to the amount of water you will use. This will save you boiling extra water, for it just to go to waste and cool down. Boiling the kettle uses more electricity than you may think so you could save around £7 a year on electricity bills. If the whole of the UK did this, we could save enough wasted energy to power the whole of the UK’s street lights for one whole month.

* Who is guilty of leaving the tap running whilst brushing your teeth? Would you believe that you waste more than 6 litres of water a minute when doing this, so turn that tap off and concentrate on those teeth!

* Apart from being a noise nuisance, a dripping tap can waste more than 5,000 litres of water a year, so don’t be lazy, replace those dodgy parts as soon as possible!

* Try reusing water, instead of pouring a glass of unfinished water down the sink. How about watering your indoor plants or watering them with the cool water you usually waste from when you first turn on the hot tap.

* Collecting rain from your roof can be a great way of saving water! You could wash your car with it and how’s about using a good old fashioned bucket and sponge too? Elbow grease will always be a lot more energy efficient than a jet wash or energy wasting car washes.

Do you have any other water saving tips? Please feel free to share them below!

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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All figures were sourced from the Energy Savings Trust’s website.

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