Storms set for the weekend!

Posted: 16/07/2014

Could the UK’s weather be taking another turn for the worst after a few days of lovely sunshine and light breezes? According to forecasters, the UK should brace itself for the arrival of some impressive thunderstorms due to sweep the country at the weekend.

Officials from the Met Office expect that “significant” flooding may affect England and Wales during the upcoming weekend along with lightening and hail storms. If this were to take place, existing flood defences should be activated quickly to ensure safety and security to members of the public and their homes.

The expected stormy weather will soon follow what has been recorded as some of the hottest days of the year as temperatures of 28DC were recorded earlier in the week followed by yesterday’s temperature recording of 29DC. Last but not least the temperature prediction for Friday is an impressive yet humid 32DC in some areas of the country. Today, temperatures in the South East are expected to be the hottest with Manchester expected to be 28DC and Leeds, 25DC.

A spokesman from the Met Office, Dan Williams stated;
“There could be some quite impressive thunderstorms on Saturday. But it's not yet a certainty so we will monitor the risk over the next couple of days. As temperatures ramp up, what people will notice is that Thursday and particularly Friday will feel very hot, humid, muggy and uncomfortable”.

The hot clammy weather that has engulfed England recently is said to have been brought on from the hot air moving over from both Spain and Southern France. From this, fiery hot temperatures of 42DC where expected for yesterday and today in these countries.

Moving aside from the transportation of hot air from other countries, great disruption may be caused due to the arrival of cold air soon to be heading over from the Atlantic Ocean. As the hot air clashes with the cold air, this may have a great effect on the weather conditions and could cause colossal thunder storms. Residents within the UK should take great precautions in preparation for the event of any stormy weather that may occur. The Met Office is continuing to observe the weather conditions so they can issue their first major warning should there be any need to.

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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