Suburban cul-de-sac in St Albans swallowed up by giant sink hole!

Posted: 01/10/2015

Residents living in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac located in the heart of St Albans, Hertfordshire had the shock of their life at around 1am today. Just days after a small hole had been spotted in the street, residents found themselves peering upon a ginormous sink hole measuring around 60ft outside their homes and for some people almost right on top.

The hole was discovered during the very early hours of the morning, forcible leading to five families needing to evacuate from their homes. This catastrophe also left a number of 58 families within the area with no supply of gas, electricity or water. Furthermore, only three gardens as such have been affected by this.

The mammoth sinkhole is around 30ft in depth and 60ft in width, at 1am it spread itself the width of a driveway and front garden of one property in particular on Fontmell Close.

As stated above, the tiny hole that had been spotted a few days before is apparently due to be filled in according to local fire service. Shortly after this, the residents heard the commotion of the sinking debris. At the time of the incident taking place it had demolished part of a brick wall and also left around several cars imprisoned on driveways.

According to the Hertfordshire local Fire and Rescue Service team, residents who have been affected by this have been evacuated and relocated into the Local Batchwood Leisure Centre. Others who reside within the cul-de-sac can only make their way out of the area by going through other neighbour’s gardens leading onto Bernard’s Heath which is a park nearby.

Herts Police press stated; “Residents have been evacuated as a precaution and all utility services (such as gas and water) are being checked and turned off. A reception centre has been set up for the residents who have been evacuated from their homes at Batchwood. There is currently no access for vehicles to the close.”

Sinkholes tend to occur in places when water erosion happens causing mass erosion in some cases, such as this case in Hertfordshire.

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